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Last Call at Bluebell Cafe


the Show

Last Call at Bluebell Cafe is a fantasy audio drama about a shapeshifting Barista who is a little too interested in other people's lives. The Barista runs the transient Bluebell Cafe, where customers can get more than just coffee. Many of the wanderers who find themselves stumbling upon this hidden cafe in dusky hours are at a crossroads in their life. Who better than our Barista to guide them along their path? With a little help from magic, of course.

However, magic and people are both unpredictable; there's a reason why they don't mix, as the Barista will soon discover.

This is a Goose Thunder production.


A Goose Thunder Production

Episode 8: Barista

In this new tale from Bluebell Cafe, the Barista must deal with the consequences of their actions.

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